Friday, November 17, 2017

Carmel Recap

Guys, I've finally put together a recap of our time in Carmel, California! I'm going to share the play-by-play below, but a little background first: I have to brag on my husband. He's worked for AT&T nearly 20 years and has been such a loyal, hardworking employee. He was named one of the top performers in his sector and location (Southeast) and was given this trip as a reward. Spouses were allowed to come too, so lucky me, huh?
This year's trip was to Carmel, and we stayed at The Inn at Spanish Bay in Pebble Beach. It was the most beautiful resort. Our room overlooked the Pacific Ocean and the golf course, and we were seriously treated like royalty. I don't know that I've ever felt so special! Ha!
There's just something truly magical about California. Being close to the ocean is just good for your soul, I've determined.
It was good for Rob and me to have a trip just the two of us. We haven't done that since our honeymoon 8 years ago!
Parents gone wild about to leave Mississippi. It took 3 flights to reach our destination. A long day but well worth it!
The entrance to our resort.

The grounds were just gorgeous.

Our favorite spot was the outdoor area that overlooked the golf course and Pacific Ocean. There was a beautiful bar and lounging areas with fire pits (and blankets!). Everyone at the resort seemed to gather there around sunset to watch the sun go down and to hear the bagpiper who played every night.

The first night we had a welcome reception at the Pebble Beach Golf Academy. The scenery was beautiful, and the food was fabulous. But we were also tired from a day of travel!
Our first full day we had the option of several excursions: golf at Pebble Beach, wine and olive oil tasting, a day at the spa, or whale watching. We opted for whale watching, and it turned out to be one of the most incredible experiences of my life! We'd heard that it can be kind of hit or miss, depending on whether or not the whales show up, but they showed up big time for our boat!
Prior to boarding...

I adored the sea otters. I felt like they were posing for us.

All aboard. So glad I brought a good coat. It was really chilly!

Jellyfish were everywhere. It was unreal.
A few pics of our whale spotting below. They are the most magnificent creatures. I gasped every time we saw one. Truly amazing.

This guy/gal really showed off.

The whale's water spout. So cool.

After whale watching we had a fabulous lunch at Scales. I had a shrimp salad and the best Bloody Mary I've ever tasted.
After lunch we were free for the rest of the day. I took advantage of the quiet and took a nap in our room. And then I took my time getting ready for dinner that night! What a treat! We were able to take a shuttle into town, and after talking to a lot of locals and staff at the resort we settled on a restaurant calling Grasing's Coastal Cuisine. The restaurant was quaint and casual, and it was so fun to eat among the locals.
We shared crab cakes to start, and they were delish.
I had the Pepper Seared Ahi Tuna as my entrée, and Rob had the Herb Crusted Sea Bass. Mine is below. So freaking yum.
Our final full day started with a Run through Carmel for Rob and his fellow co-workers who were awarded the trip. They were grouped together and went on a pretty intense scavenger hunt around Carmel. Rob's group came in second place, and they won a nice chunk of change! :)
The spouses met those competing at the finish line, and we had a lovely lunch at Taste of Monterey. That afternoon Rob and I explored the beach around our resort. It was cold, but I had to feel the Pacific Ocean on my feet!

After exploring, Rob and I rented a car and drove the 17-Mile Drive, which was just breathtaking. We passed coastal cliffs and almost eerie looking forests that held trees with gnarled branches. I felt like I was in a fairytale. There were houses nestled along the drive, and it was fun to imagine the people inside...and hard not to be jealous of their daily surroundings! We pulled over at many of the main attractions along the way and just took in the scenery.
Just look at that water. Heaven.
The Lone Cypress. A sight to behold. If you look carefully you can see the ropes used to hold the tree up in order to preserve it from the elements.
After the drive we had to get ready for our final evening which was a group dinner held at The Beach Club.
As you can see, it was an amazing trip. I really enjoyed meeting and getting to know all of the folks in attendance. It was good for my soul to be in another part of the country and to just see and meet some of the cool things and people outside of Mississippi. Sometimes we get a little suffocated in our bubble, and escaping for a bit is rejuvenating.
Hope y'all enjoyed the recap. Have a great weekend! :)

Friday, October 27, 2017

Five on Friday

I'm back with another Five on Friday. These are quickly becoming my favorite posts to put together!

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Guys, how cute is this jacket? Y'all know my love for unicorns runs deep, and I've passed that on to Lily. When I saw this jacket I knew we needed it. The hood is detachable so if your little doesn't want to be a unicorn one day, no biggie.


I'm still reading Brene Brown's newest book, Braving the Wilderness, and it's so, so good. She is just oozing with wisdom. I'm trying to gain a little bit! :)

I also picked up a book by an author who is from my hometown of Jackson, Mississippi. It's called The Hate U Give, and it's a tough, but important, read about race and gun violence. A movie is being made about it right now. 

 The Hate U Give


Rob and I are heading to Carmel, California, in about 10 days. He has worked his tail off at work and was recognized as one of the top performers in his sector in the Southeast! I am really proud of him, and I'm of course excited that I get to tag along for the trip. I haven't been to California since I was in 11th grade and went on a youth group trip to Los Angeles (funny, right?). 

Anyway, we're staying at a beautiful resort there and have plans to go whale watching one day. We'll have a lot of free time as well, so if anyone has been there or has any tips, please let me know!


Completely random, but I'm all about the llama trend that's going on right now. They're just the cutest creatures. I saw this doormat online recently and nearly squealed. I can't imagine not smiling if I were greeted by those guys.

 Llama Coir Doormat 


I got my hair colored a few weeks ago (to cover up the grey...wah!) and have been so happy with the results. It's so pricey, though, and in an effort to stretch out the time between appointments I stumbled upon L'Oreal's Magic Root Cover Up. It's so good, and application is easy as pie. It washes out with each shampoo, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it dries very quickly and doesn't rub off if you touch your hair.

L'Oreal Magic Root Cover Up


I hope everyone has a great weekend! Hope to see y'all back here on Monday.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Loving Lately

Hi everyone! I rounded up some things I'm loving lately and wanted to share. Fall gets me every time...I want one of everything, please!

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I've heard nothing but praise for Old Navy's Rockstar jeans so I'm really curious to try them. The color of these cords is gorgeous and would be a nice break from denim.

I love a plaid top but sometimes find the button downs a little too bulky for my frame. Isn't this a pretty option? And I'm loving the color combo.

A feminine sweatshirt. So stinkin' cute.

Can't go wrong with classic stripes, and the V-neck in the front is mirrored in the back. Also comes in a neutral striped version that I equally adore.

That side tie is darling, and the fleece makes this top extra cozy.

The prettiest sweater in the softest fabric. Also loving the mock turtleneck.

A classic, oversized sweater that would be perfect with skinny jeans.


Such a cute tote. The tassel makes me happy.

A lightweight scarf that would dress up a simple white or black tee.

I love a good thermal tee alone or for layering.

A twist on the classic hoop. I like how thin they are too. Thicker hoops make me feel like Jenny from the Block. Haha...


Hope everyone has a happy Hump Day! Is it finally cooling off where you are?

Monday, October 23, 2017

Life Lately

Hey guys! Hope everyone had a great weekend. Here's what we were up to + some of the fun things that have been going on in our lives lately.


Friday was the 50th school day at Lily's school, so they had a 50's Day to celebrate. It was so cute to see all those kiddos dressed up. I think Lily fit the bill pretty perfectly, right? They also got to dance in the hall if they paid 50 cents. To be a fly on the wall seeing all those kids dancing!


We went to our local zoo on Saturday and seriously had the best time. The monkeys showed off for us, and that was fun. :)


I took the girls for flu shots last week (the flu has already shown up here) and had to bribe them with treats afterward to even get them in the door. But they took their shots like little champs, and I was really proud of them. Lily wanted ice cream for her treat, so I packed a bag of potato chips for Hadley. She can't get enough of salty potato chips!


We saw the "My Little Pony" movie last weekend, and it was really cute. Plus the soundtrack is fun...the girls keep requesting Sia's "Rainbow" on repeat. I think I know every word now.


I picked up this sweatshirt from Target recently, and it's a new fave. I got lots of looks while getting my oil changed...haha...


Lily has taken off when it comes to riding her bike. For the longest time she would get on and immediately get off if she couldn't pedal by herself right away. She gets frustrated so easily. But we've persisted, and it's been a good lesson for her on the importance of trying things over and over, even if you can't master it right away! Anyway, now all she wants to do is ride her bike, and I think Santa may bring her a new one for Christmas. Next step...losing the training wheels!


I got my hair colored recently, and it feels so much better. I never colored my hair until recently, as I'm starting to get some grey. Ugh. Getting older is for the birds.

I had time after my hair appointment to run by Barnes and Noble before picking Hadley up from school. I picked up Brene Brown's latest book and can't wait to dig in. She is so darn wise, I know I'll learn tons.


Our church held a fall festival last week, and it was lots of fun for us and the community as a whole. The girls had hot dogs, popcorn, and cotton candy and jumped in bounce houses galore. They also got tattoos on their arms, and let me tell you...there's nothing better than tattoos from a church. Lily had a bat on her arm that read "Batty for Jesus," and Hadley had a pumpkin on her arm that read "Glowin' with God." Those tickled me.


That's all I've got for y'all today. It's cooler here, and the leaves are changing colors. We're getting ready for Halloween, and it's just a fun time! Hope everyone has a happy Monday and a wonderful week ahead!