It's so hard to write these introductions...I don't want to leave anything out, but I don't want to bore you either! So, here goes...

Hi there! I'm Lindsey...born and raised in Mississippi, I've lived here most of my life except for a year-long stint in New York. I've been married to my dear husband, Rob, for six years (together for nearly 10), and we have two precious girls: Lily is four, and Hadley is almost two-years-old.

 Rob and I on our wedding day!
My two girls: Lily and Hadley

When I was younger and pictured my life as a grown up, I always believed that I would live in a big city (probably NYC) and work for a magazine. Reading and writing have been two of my greatest passions for a long time, so this seemed like the perfect fit...I majored in English in college and went on to graduate school to pursue a degree in magazine journalism. After a summer internship in New York, I decided to stay, make my parents proud (ha!), and become a grad school dropout. I was lucky enough to be hired as an assistant editor for a commercial real estate magazine. A year into life in the big city, I missed home. I've always been a homebody, and being so far away from my parents and sisters (I have two...I'm the middle!) was hard on me. I returned home to Jackson, Mississippi, and got a job in public relations at a local hospital. Working there for a short time, amongst patients, made me realize that perhaps my calling was not to write about people or events or things. Maybe my calling was to work with those people, to care for them, and to help them navigate their illnesses. I got the necessary prerequisites and applied to and was accepted to nursing school. I graduated in 2009 (a few weeks before my wedding!) and have been a nurse for six years now. Right now, I'm only working PRN (a few times a month) as an oncology nurse and am mainly staying home to raise our girls.

My husband and my two girls are the light of my life...having the chance to share this life with them is truly a gift from God. And it's a gift that I hope to never take for granted. (And, no, life is not all rainbows and butterflies, but I do believe the good far outweighs the bad...and I try to be much more aware of the good.)

I think that's all, for now...read on for more of my life lately and feel free to ask me anything! I plan on using this space to be as real and authentic as possible...and will throw in a heaping dose of celebrity gossip and silly stories to keep things light.

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