Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Weekend Update + Labor Day

Hey guys! I guess we can officially say adios to summer now that Labor Day has come and gone. It's already starting to cool off a little here, and we've been loving every second of spending more time outside. Here's what we were up to this weekend. Hope everyone else enjoyed their time as much as we did!
Saturday morning the weather was nice so we took the girls to a local park. We played and took a long walk around the pond and found the first of 3 painted rocks. I think a lot of communities do this, but we're involved in this "movement" to spread kindness called #madisonMSrocks. You simply paint a rock, hide it, and wait for someone to find it. The person who finds it re-hides it in a new location to keep spreading cheer...and then joins in by painting and hiding their own rocks for people to find. Anyway, it may sound like a silly concept, but I can't tell you how fun it was to find these rocks. And then for our girls to want to pay it forward by re-hiding them for others to experience that joy too. If your community doesn't do this, I highly suggest starting a group up. It's a simple way to create (and find) joy in this oftentimes hard world.
OK...how funny is Lily's pose below? She pops her leg out in almost every photo...future model? :)

After the fun we had finding rocks, we came home and painted our own. The girls had so much fun with the process and thinking about where they wanted to hide them. After Lily's rocks dried, she wrote messages on them. Her choices: "Smile." "Be happy." "Be kind." Proud mama right here.

We took a trip to get sno cones later in the day. Hadley hates almost everything sweet and refuses to even try a sno cone. So she had Cheetos while the rest of us devoured our sugar-filled ice.
Rob was in his element because football officially started on Saturday. It's not really my thing (ha!), so after sno cones the girls and I hit up Michaels to check out all the Halloween decorations. We were in heaven. I picked up a cute craft kit, and we made Halloween bookmarks when we got home.
Sunday we went to church as a family and spent the rest of the afternoon just catching up on things around the house. How cute are our girls in their matching Mississippi State dresses? Rob was happy that the Bulldogs won, so that makes for a happy Sunday in our house.
The girls spent the night with Pop and J on Sunday night, and Rob and I had a rare date night. We went to a local spot, Saltine, and had some seriously yummy food. The weather was nice enough that we sat outside and enjoyed the cool breeze. How cute is this place?

I had a kale salad to start, and it was divine. Those are pickled red onions on top, and they're my new favorite food. I could eat anything that's pickled.

I chose shrimp and grits for my entree, and it was yummy too. I have a hard time passing up shrimp when we're out. One of my favorite foods.

The interior at Saltine is so cool...wishing I could find a spot for these lights in our house!

If any of y'all are ever passing through Jackson, Mississippi, I highly recommend Saltine...the food and the atmosphere are top notch.
We spent Labor Day, laboring. Isn't that what everyone does? I cleaned and swept our garage (why?!?!) and am sore today as a result! We also got out our fall and Halloween decorations. I know it's early, but it makes us happy. I'll be slowly transforming the house this week and will share pictures when it's all done!
I shared my favorite picks from Loft's Labor Day sale yesterday. In case you missed it, you can check it out here. Did anyone order anything? There were some good sales going on!
Hope everyone has a happy, short week!