Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Getting Organized with the STARTplanner

**This post was sponsored by STARTplanner. I'm very picky about sponsored content, so anything I share is something I truly love. All opinions are my own and were not edited by the sponsor.**
Confession: I used to be a really organized person. Almost to the point of annoying, if you know what I mean. I'm not sure when or where I lost that piece of me, but I'm guessing it might have been around the time(s) two little girls named Lily and Hadley made their way into this world. Anybody else have a similar story?
One of my (many) goals for 2017 is to be better organized. Right now I'm the person with post-it notes scattered who eats lunch in her car. Important appointments are scrawled on grocery store receipts, and I, admittedly, end up missing probably half of them. Our girls are involved in more and more activities, which requires some schedule juggling and staying on top of things.
I always love a new year and a chance to start fresh, so I was beyond giddy when my 2017 STARTplanner arrived in the mail. And y'all, how pretty is this planner? It's like a work of art sitting out on your desk!

I chose the Hustle Daily and just adore the fact that it contains so many sections to help me stay on top of this often crazy life. In addition to tabs for each month, there are Goals and Plans sections that allow for areas to write in budgeting and savings, long-term projects, cleaning schedules (to keep you on track), and annual vacation plans.

At the start of each month you are able to write out mini goals and a monthly budget, then you're given an entire page for each day to fill up with all of the normal life stuff that keeps us so busy! I really like that the creators of this planner devote an entire page to each day. Even if some days aren't as full as others, I like to have room to write down a memory or two. That way, your planner becomes a journal of sorts that you can keep forever...and then when your daughter asks you when she lost her first tooth, you can give her an exact date!
I'm giving away a planner to one lucky winner so y'all can join me in trying your best to get organized for the new year! To enter, all you have to do is:
1) Enter the contest here. I promise it takes about half a second.
2) Comment on my Instagram (@Lsummer23) STARTplanner photo and tell me one goal you have for 2017.
Contest ends on Friday, December 23, at 12 noon CST. I'll announce the winner on my Instagram. Good luck! What are some goals you have for 2017? Are my friends reading organized or part of the #hotmessexpress train like yours truly? :)