Friday, August 26, 2016

Six Reasons I Love My Jord Watch

When the nice folks at JORD reached out to see if I'd be interested in trying one of their wood watches, I was ecstatic! I've always been a watch girl and feel like I can't function if I leave home without it. Plus, I'd already seen several of my blogging buddies sporting them, and I thought they were really lovely and distinct...and unlike any other watch I own. Mens Wooden Watches

I had a hard time choosing which watch was my favorite, but in the end I went with the Frankie Zebrawood & Champagne. I liked the size and the color of the watch and knew it'd fit right in with my lifestyle and wardrobe.

 I've been wearing my watch since it came in the mail a few weeks ago, and I've been so, so pleased. Those who know me well know I love making lists, so I thought I'd do that a way to tell you why I'm smitten with my watch. With that said, here you go!
Six Reasons I Love My JORD Watch

1) The packaging.

I'm not going to lie, I do love a pretty package and a pretty presentation. It just makes the item (whatever it may be!) stand out all the more. My JORD watch arrived in a beautiful small wooden box, which both girls immediately claimed as their own. The watch was secured by a cushy pillow of sorts, and Lily's dolls now claim that as their bedtime pillow.
2) It's versatile.

The colors of the watch are light and earthy and therefore neutral enough to wear with almost anything. The fact that it's made of wood keeps it casual yet pulled together.

 3) It's unique.

Have you ever heard of a watch made of wood? Me neither. There are so many watches on the market today, and these stand out. For the women's watches in particular, there are seven series (or styles) to choose from. Once you've chosen the style you like, there are a variety of wood materials and face colors to choose among.
4) It's a nice mix of feminine and masculine.

I love the look of a chunky watch. I think it looks so good paired with more streamlined pieces like skinny jeans or a dainty bracelet.

 5) It's lightweight.

This was a must for me. I have pretty small wrists, and while I like the chunky look, I don't want the chunky feel! This watch feels like I'm wearing hardly anything at all on my wrist, and I love that.

6) It's a conversation piece.

I can't tell you how many times people have commented on my watch. The grocery store, the post office, and the pediatrician's office are just a few. And everyone says the same thing: "I've never seen a wood watch!" And it's always kind of fun when something you're wearing receives positive attention, right?


My friends at JORD have generously offered my readers a chance to win a $75 e-voucher good toward any of their beautiful watches. Even if you don't win, everyone who enters the giveaway will receive a $20 e-gift code. I know it's only August, but the holidays will be upon us soon. I'm already starting to think about Christmas gifts for my loved ones. Any of these watches would make a beautiful gift, and a discount never hurts, right?

Click on the link below to enter. It's easy as pie. Contest ends 9/25/16, and the winner will be contacted directly by JORD.


Check out the full line of JORD's women's watches here.
If you adore my watch as much as I do, you can check it out specifically here.
**A big thank you to JORD Wood Watches for sponsoring this post. It goes without saying, but all opinions are my own.**