Monday, January 23, 2017

Cooking Made Easy With HelloFresh

**This post was sponsored by HelloFresh. I've very picky about sponsored content, so anything I share is something I truly love. All opinions are my own and were not edited by the sponsor.**

Y'all know I love to cook, but I'll admit I've been in a cooking rut lately. I don't know if I'm still in a post-holiday coma, but coming up with new ideas and going to the grocery to pick up those items has almost been too much.
I can't begin to tell you how excited I was when I found out about HelloFresh. Fresh ingredients and recipes delivered to my doorstep? Sign me up. STAT.
Not only is HelloFresh convenient for those who have too much on their plate (hello, everyone), but it's also a fabulous idea for those who enjoy cooking but are running low on creative juices. That was probably my favorite thing about discovering HelloFresh. The recipes that were delivered to my front door sparked new ideas for me and inspired me to try some different cooking techniques and flavor combinations. The recipes were so simple, and they could easily be built on or changed up a little bit to your individual liking.

HelloFresh offers three plans to choose among, and I chose the Family Plan to try out. I liked the idea of recipes that our girls would be willing to test as well. The Classic Plan and Veggie Plan are also available, so I love that there are options that appeal to all.
Once you choose a plan, you determine how many people you are cooking for as well as how many meals you'd like to receive each week. It's easy to pause or modify your subscription at any time, and I like that. The folks at HelloFresh select the meals that are delivered to you based on your preferences, but you also have the option to select meals from the weekly menu.
Each HelloFresh box contains fresh, top-quality ingredients from independent producers. Another perk? You don't have to be home to receive a shipment. The boxes are layered with wool and ice packs to keep the ingredients (meat included) fresh until you are able to bring them inside.

Recipe cards are included in each box with easy-to-follow instructions. Prep time and total cooking time estimates are included, as is nutritional information! The instructions are broken down into steps, with pictures, and I promise this is something that someone who doesn't cook often could easily master.
Now, the good stuff. Our meals! Since we chose the Family Plan, we had three meals delivered to our doorstep on a Monday. They recommended we cook the fish first so we did. It was amazingly simple, and the flavors were divine. I'll definitely be making the sauce again and think it'd be good on other fish and even chicken dishes.
The next night we tried the Beefed-Up Bolognese, and we really enjoyed it as well. The flavors were fresh, and it made a ton. We had leftovers for two nights!
Our final meal (sad!) was the Spanish One-Pan Chicken, and it might have been our favorite only because we hadn't tried anything like it before. I really liked the addition of the chorizo, and the fact that I really only dirtied up one pan, making clean-up a breeze.
So who wants to try HelloFresh now? I've got a special discount code just for y'all! To get $35 off your first box, simply enter code LINDSEYLATELY35 at checkout. That makes your first box almost, almost free! It's definitely worth it, my friends!
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 If you try it HelloFresh, please let me know. Hope everyone has a happy Monday and a great week ahead!