Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Home Updates

I've been working around-the-clock it seems trying to finish up things in our house. Thought I'd share some of the updates we've made!
I added a throw to the end of Lily's's a purple diamond print from World Market. Her bed just makes me happy every time I walk by...she got some fun purple string lights for her birthday, but I'll share those when we get them hung! **I also added the sources for her bedding and throw pillows below.**

Lily got this print for her birthday, and I found a frame and mat for it at Michaels. I love how serene the picture is...and it's something that I don't think she'll tire of. We're going to hang it above her bed.

We combined the guest room and playroom in our new house, and I love the way it's coming together. It's a large room, so there's plenty of room for a queen-sized bed as well as room for the girls to play. The bed was mine growing up, and I picked up the bedding recently at Target.
I love the way the side table came together. The faux orchid is from HomeGoods. I couldn't resist the blue and white container.

Some of the girls' things! I can't wait to hang some artwork on the empty walls. I want to display their artwork somehow, so I'm looking into ways to do that.

Another view...again, we need some artwork on the walls! 

How fun are these containers holding the girls' art supplies? Found them in the dollar section at Target.
Lily's Aunt "Kiss" sent her this doll-sized teepee and sleeping bag for her birthday! It's the cutest, and Lily has had the best time playing with it!
I found a throw for my cane back chair, and it's just what I wanted...found this beauty at HomeGoods. Love all things blue.

Our new couch was delivered yesterday, and I really love it! It's from a local furniture store, and it's so comfy. It's going in our keeping room. The pillows that came with it were really cute, but they don't match our decor. I was already able to sell them to a friend!
And here is what I'm thinking pillow-wise. I like symmetry, so it'd be two leopard on one end/two on the other, two black and white on one end/two on the other, and a colorful lumbar in the middle. Thoughts? Which lumbar do y'all like better?

I did some rearranging yesterday and ended up putting this chair in the corner in our keeping room. I really like how it turned out. It's a hand-me-down from my parents, and it's a really pretty light orange color with red butterflies stitched on. Sounds hideous when I describe it, but it's really pretty in person! Then I changed out the side tables and did a smaller one since the chair is smaller than the one I previously had in its spot. I think if I add a leopard lumbar pillow to this chair, it'll tie in perfectly with the sofa. Any input? And, no, I'm not afraid of color and/or mixing patterns!

I'm thinking I'll hang this beauty on the wall next to the above chair. The colors just go together, and I love how whimsical it is. It was done by a local artist, Bill Spain. I own several of his paintings, and I just adore them.

And thought I'd hang this mirror above the painting, unless it's going to be too big for the picture. I always like hanging things above things. Does that make sense? Ha!

We'll eventually need a rug for this room, and I'm liking the one below from Rugs USA. Plus, it's 70% off. We've ordered from there a good bit and have never been disappointed. You can't find a better deal on rugs, and the quality is good. Plus shipping is free.

That's all of the home updates for's coming together slowly but surely! Hope everyone has a great day! :)