Wednesday, February 10, 2016

I wonder...

So, I had fun with this...I decided to share a peek into my daily thoughts...I left my laptop out throughout the day and added thoughts as they came up. Here are a few:


I wonder why I'm always tired? I had my labs drawn at a recent doctor's visit, and they were normal.
I guess I'm just one of those people who is always tired. I think people are born one way or the other...full of energy or zapped of it at all times. I'm so jealous of those with energy.
I'm always tired because I have kids. And I'm in my mid-30s! 
How do people with more than two kids do it? Like, seriously...I can barely keep my head above water with two. To those reading this with more than two kids: y'all are AMAZING!

I wonder if we'll later regret not having more children. I always thought I'd have three or four. But I think two is a good number for us. We have two healthy, happy children...we are so fortunate.
I wonder when we'll feel settled in our home? A year from now?
I wonder when we'll have everything purchased and in place? A few years from now?
I can't wait to have a king size bed.
I'm going to sleep like a queen when we have a bigger bed. Oh, who am I kidding? We have kids; I have anxiety, and Rob snores. Sleep is overrated!
How much TV is too much TV?
Am I interacting with my girls enough? Am I stimulating them enough? Am I enough?
I really wish Hadley would drink milk. She doesn't like yogurt or cheese or calcium-rich vegetables. I hope her bones won't be brittle.

I wonder if those chocolate calcium supplements come in a kid version? I need to look into that.
I wonder what I would choose to eat as my last meal?
I wonder if I could eat, knowing it were my last meal?
No...of course I couldn't! How can anyone eat knowing they're about to take their last breath?
How can anyone believe in the death penalty? It's inhumane and makes my heart hurt.
I really need to stop sharing my opinion so much. Maybe I should give that up for Lent.
I say some really weird things. I wonder if people think I'm too dark.
I wonder if Rob wishes I would filter myself more? I probably embarrass him half of the time with the things I say.
Thank goodness Rob isn't president of the United States or anything. I couldn't imagine being the first lady. I'd have to majorly filter myself, and that'd be hard.
Can you imagine Melania Trump being the first lady? She'd definitely have to cut out the cleavage.
Can you imagine Donald Trump being president?

Surely Donald Trump is punking us all. Is this one big stunt for Ashton Kutcher's old TV show?
I wonder who will be elected president? I can't wait for the debates between the Republican and Democrat candidates.
I love an election year.
If I were on the Real Housewives, I wonder what my tagline would be?
If someone were asked to sum me up in one word, I wonder what it would be? I hope it would be kind. That's important.
What should I make for dinner?
Is it 5 o'clock yet?
I really need to start working out. For my physical and mental health.
It's time to start dyeing my hair. I'm going to ask my hairdresser next time I see her, and I know she's going to finally agree.
I wonder when I'll go through menopause? Surely I have a lot longer.
I need to start working on a beach trip for the summer. It's always nice to have something to look forward to.
Now I can't stop thinking about the beach. I'm already looking forward to drinking my coffee on the balcony and watching the sun come up.
How is it possible that there were three alligators in the pond in our neighborhood? (Per a neighbor...)
I am so scared of alligators. I should start carrying a stick when we go on walks.
Because everyone knows that a stick deters alligators.
And now I'm the old lady walking in the neighborhood with the stick.
I wonder if Lily believed me that those cats were wrestling (they were making baby kitties...until I honked and scared them in different directions...the last thing the world needs is more unwanted animals.)?
I need a nap...but I have so much to do!
I wonder if Lily will be prepared for kindergarten. It's such a big step...going to school five days a week, from morning until afternoon.
I wonder if I will be prepared for Lily to go to kindergarten? I'm going to miss the heck out of her.
Why do I always volunteer for the complicated things to bring for school parties? Next time I'm signing up for the box of Goldfish.
I don't have a Valentine's Day shirt for the girls to wear to their parties. Oh well.
I wonder if my girls' teachers think I'm a good parent? Do they think I spend enough time reading to them? Do they think I discipline them enough? Do they think my girls are sweet?
I hope and pray tubes make a difference in Hadley's hearing. (She's getting them Tuesday.)
I need to give something up for Lent. Lent is today, and I'm just now thinking about this. Is it too late to give up procrastination?
I wonder if I should start potty training Hadley? She's showing all the signs. It'd be nice to stop buying diapers...but at the same time, sometimes diapers are nice!
I wonder why so-and-so deleted me as a friend on Facebook?
That kind of hurt my feelings. I mean, I know I'm opinionated, but I try to be polite.
Ugh...I have got to stop sharing my opinion so much!
No...what's wrong with being me? It's her/his loss! ;)


Hope y'all enjoyed all this randomness. And I hope everyone has a fabulous hump day!