Monday, February 1, 2016

Weekend Update & Life Lately

I hope everyone had a happy weekend. It went fast, like always! I worked on Saturday and had a wonderful group of patients. When I got my assignment that morning, I recognized one of the names on my list of patients but didn't think much of it. The day went on, and she looked a little familiar, but I couldn't place the connection. It was later that afternoon that she asked me if I had a little girl who was around 4 or 5...I told her I did. She then reminded me that she was the patient who had made a quilt for Lily when I was pregnant with her. Y'all...this has haunted me for years! When I was on maternity leave, she left the most gorgeous handmade quilt, which even had Lily's name embroidered on it, with my nurse manager, for me to open on my return to work. I was never able to get her address to thank her, and I changed jobs shortly after. I knew I'd probably never see her again, and it bothered me that I was never able to thank her for this incredibly thoughtful and personal gift! I told her just that...and she said, "And who knew you'd get to thank me years later in person." Pretty cool, huh? That felt like a God thing, and it was definitely a highlight to my weekend...and something that will stay with me for a long time! I can't wait to share this story with Lily one day...that one of her mom's precious patients made this quilt for her. What a gift...
The weather here has been incredible...highs in the low 70s and so untypical of January weather. We went to church yesterday morning and spent the afternoon at the park, along with everyone else in Madison. That big dose of Vitamin D was so good for my soul.
I wasn't able to watch the SAG Awards, but you know I checked out the fashion afterwards. There were lots of stunning dresses, I thought! Almost too hard to pick a top 3, but these were my favorite.
Alicia Vikander in Louis Vuitton...I just loved how different this was. The colors, the sequins, the long sleeves. Sounds like it'd be a hot mess of a combination, but in reality I thought it was stunning and unique.
Kiernan Shipka in Erdem. My favorite dress of the evening. I'm always drawn to purple, and I love the neckline too.

Claire Danes in Stella McCartney. Perfection. I also love her hair and wish mine could look like that every day.
I got some new sneakers recently, and I've been wearing the heck out of them. What is it about fun sneakers? This particular pair is sold out, but I found them online at American Eagle...they carry a wide variety of New Balance sneakers, and I've also seen some fun ones at J.Crew.
Hadley and I stopped in Target recently while Lily was at school. I couldn't resist this flamingo bathing suit and beach bag for Hadley. Now I'm on the hunt for some flamingo sunglasses, and we'll be set for the pool this summer!
We ended up replacing our kitchen table with one from my parents. It probably needs to be refinished one day, but it just worked better in our new space. I found this runner and these placemats at Target last week, and I thought the result was so it hides some of the table's imperfections!
The table runner is sold out online, but the brand is Threshold, and I found it on the aisle with the placemats. Info for the placemats is here: Threshold Woven Striped Placemat
Hadley loves sitting at the big table. Gone is her high chair, and she is one of the big people! She is so proud of herself!
And then this one is about to be 5...I'm probably going to turn into a puddle of tears on her birthday.

Both girls have school this morning, and I have a long to-do list. I'm making a baked pasta for dinner, and I'll share the recipe tomorrow. It's one of my favorites! Hope everyone has a great day...I have the below magnet on my fridge...I plan to begin today serenely, and I hope you do too! ;)