Monday, June 12, 2017

Weekend Update

Hey guys! How was everyone's weekend? We were able to get some things on our to-do list done, but we were also able to have a lot of fun...the perfect weekend, right? :)

And, full disclosure, I have used some affiliate links in this post which means if you click the link and make a purchase I might receive a small commission. Thank you for supporting me! :)

Now on to the good stuff...
Friday night Rob and I went to a surprise birthday dinner for one of our friends, and it was so good to be out with other adults! The food was yummy, and the company was even better. I wore this cute top with skinny jeans and black the bell sleeves and the tie at the front. It's sold out in black, but I've linked the striped version (which I'm kind of wanting now!).
Saturday we went swimming at Pop and J's house. The water was cold, but it was still fun. I love that kids don't even notice the water temperature, but adults can barely put a big toe in. Hadley and Pop shared some potato chips on the side of the pool while the rest of us swam.
We missed church yesterday but were able to get a lot of things done around the house. I'm working on the girls' playroom and upgraded their art table with a new one that's a little taller. This table is seriously the best. It's a great height, but it's not too bulky. The chairs come in an assortment of colors and are big enough for an adult to sit in! Plus, it's 15% off right now!

I picked up the pom pom garland at Hobby Lobby, and the cups that hold their art supplies are old and from Target. I wanted them off the table (to give more room for drawing and painting) and had the idea to use Command hooks to hang them within their reach. I love the way it turned out! And while I was feeling crafty I put together the unicorn banner. I love this little area and know the girls will enjoy it too!
I also framed some of my favorite pieces they've created over the years and plan on creating a gallery wall in the playroom. And I spray painted this unicorn head I found at Hobby Lobby. It was white, but duh...we had to make it purple. The horn is gold and glittery and just pretty much perfect!
We picked up a bubble machine recently, and the girls had the best time with it. These things are worth every penny. I don't know about you, but I can't blow bubbles for too long! The girls enjoyed every second being outside with their new toy.

Hope everyone has a great Monday and a happy week ahead. And just remember...