Thursday, September 24, 2015

Birthday Recap

If my actual birthday were any indication, 35 is going to be a great year. I heard from so many friends and loved ones, and that always makes for a pretty perfect day. I know a lot of people have a hard time swallowing 35...I mean, it is technically mid-life...and I do sometimes wonder, "How did I get here? What happened to the other 34 years, and how did they go so fast?" But I think working in oncology (and just in the world we live in of social media where we read so many stories of others who are struggling), I've gained some perspective. I feel so fortunate and blessed and lucky to have reached mid-life!'s a recap of my special day!
We took a selfie before school...Lily was so excited it was my birthday...she told all of her teachers and just made the day even more fun for me. And Hadley was along for the ride!
Lily goes to 4-year-old preschool, and Hadley goes to a MMO program twice a week...both are in school from 9-12. After I dropped them off I treated myself to a pedicure! That's something I rarely do anymore, and it was so nice. I, of course, chose purple for my toes, and I was able to sit and read two magazines during that time...pure luxury! After a quick Target run, I decided I needed some Sonic mozzarella sticks for my birthday. Yum.
Rob got home from work later in the day, and he'd thought out a nice birthday dinner. He is a really good cook, and there's nothing I love more than one of his steaks. He cooked filets with a blue cheese crust, grilled shrimp, and grilled vegetables. It was divine.
And then of course no birthday is complete without a cake...a homemade yellow cake with chocolate icing...and 35 candles no less! hazard!

Lily loved blowing out the candles with me...and Hadley wanted to jump feet first into the cake...ha!

Lily was so proud of her card...she is a little artist, and I love it when she draws pictures of our family.
The girls gave me a candle...I'm definitely a candle hoarder. And below is a card from my big sister...she knows me too well!!

Thank y'all for helping me celebrate my birthday. It was the best day imaginable, and I'm fully ready for 35!