Friday, May 27, 2016

Life Lately

Well, life has been full lately, hence the blogging break I've mostly taken this week! First things first...
I worked this past weekend, which probably played a part in my blogging break. It was a doozy, and I didn't get home Sunday night until 9:15...l-o-n-g day! And it was just one of those days where you come home and feel defeated and discouraged. I hate that. Thankfully I was able to shake that feeling after a few days...and I'm mostly thankful that those days are few, and most of the time I'm more encouraged than not.
I've also kind of been in a blogging funk lately. Sometimes I feel silly posting about things like clothes and interior design and TV shows. I often ask myself if doing so makes me vapid? Or am I contributing anything to the world? And with all that's going on around me (in this big world), is it shallow to put energy into these things that really mean nothing? I mean, there are so many people in this world who can't put food on their plate, and I'm blogging about cute sandals for summer. I'm not sure how to find that balance...between giving back and being aware of the harsh realities of this life while also enjoying the things that for whatever reason I've been lucky enough to enjoy. This is something I've always struggled with. Wow...getting deep here, huh? All that said...with it being summer, I am probably going to cut back a little goal is to blog three times a week, rather than five. And I'm thinking about doing a giveaway soon, in order to get feedback on my blog and what my readers reader like likes to see. So, was that Debbie Downer enough for y'all? ;) And on a very happy note...
Summer officially started on Monday, as both girls are out of school for the next few months. I cried picking Lily up from The Weekday Preschool on Friday, her last last time to pick her up there. She'll start kindergarten at a new school this fall. She's been at this preschool for three years, and it's also where we go to church. Her teachers have loved and encouraged her, and I'm sad to leave it behind. But that's life, huh? Hadley will begin preschool there in the fall, so I'm excited that we'll still be connected with many of the teachers that we've grown to love.

Hadley proudly walking up to school on her last day.
First day of school vs last day of school...look how much her hair has grown!
 First day of school vs last day of school!

Lily on her first day at The Weekday Preschool. She was 2-years-old. Check out those sweet arm rolls! :)
I've really had the best week with my girls. We've kept it simple and have played our little hearts out. We've made Play Doh snakes and pancakes; we've had a Chick-fil-A picnic outside; we've made lots of necklaces and bracelets. We've played many games of hide-and-seek; we've had sno cones, and we've been to the park. Lily's class had their end-of-the-year party on Tuesday, and she had a blast with her cute friends. My veggies and flowers have been growing, and that's made my heart happy. It's been a really good, full-of-fun week, which was something I needed! And now for some pictures I took to capture our week...




Do y'all have anything planned for Memorial Day weekend? I'm looking forward to grilling out, trying out some new recipes, swimming, and taking it easy. I hope y'all do much of the same, and I'll see you back here sometime next week!