Monday, May 16, 2016

Weekend Update

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Here's what we had going on...
Friday I took the girls to school and had a handful of errands to run before the weekend began. Here's my sweet Lily before I walked her inside...

I picked up my very first Fiddle Fig Leaf tree from Home Depot. I was surprised at the selection...and the price! Under $30...from what I've read that's rare for this plant. I feel kind of lame for jumping on the bandwagon, but I do think the plants are really pretty. I love the big leaves, and the height is perfect. I put mine in the foyer and am hoping I can keep her alive with some TLC. I've heard they're kind of hard to maintain. Any tips? P.S. Fitting a Fiddle Fig Leaf into a Honda Accord is not an easy task. I had to do some major wrestling to get her in the passenger seat. Opening up the sunroof helped. I'm sure I looked like the crazy lady driving home with a plant hanging out the top of my car. Ha!

I also stopped by Target to look for a hat. Confession: I have never liked the way I look in hats and always feel kind of weird in them. But I'm scared of the sun. Like seriously. I found this guy at Target and was pleasantly surprised. I think it's just the right size, and I actually feel OK in it! Win!
Friday night we hit up Kristo's for dinner. It's kind of become a weekly tradition in our house. There was a guy playing guitar and singing (who was really good, by the way), and Hadley was not impressed that I wouldn't let her get on stage with him. She keeps us busy!
Saturday we made cinnamon rolls for breakfast and spent most of the day outside. We worked in our yard, pulling weeds and trying to pretty up our flower beds. I planted a lot of herbs and a tomato and cucumber plant too. We had a nice garden at our old house, but that's just not a big priority this summer. Hopefully next year we can do that again...but until then, a container garden will do!

We also took some selfies...
Serious Hadley...#smizing

Surprised/pensive Hadley. #stillsmizing

 Lily as an old cat lady!!
I ordered some Soludos espadrilles from Zappos, and those came in the mail on Saturday. I'm loving them. They feel a little snug when you first try them on, but after about an hour of wearing them, they felt perfect. So if you order, I'd say they run TTS, although a lot of folks will tell you to order up. I couldn't resist the leopard.
We also spent much of the day working in our garage...why you ask? Because it's still jam-packed full of stuff from our old house. #hoardersanonymous And now that summer is upon us, it'd be nice to actually park in our garage. Anyway, Rob did end up taking two truckloads full to a local consignment shop. It's amazing the amount of stuff one accumulates over time.
I did pick up these beauties at the consignment shop. Not sure yet where we'll hang them, but I thought they were too pretty to overlook. I could go thrift shopping all day long.
Rob and I picked up sushi for dinner, and after a day in the yard and garage, I think both of us were in bed by 9.
Yesterday we kept the nursery at church and had a full day of odds and ends. I baked some lemon pound cake, which turned out great...I'll share the recipe later this week!
The girls conned Daddy into watching an episode of Paw Patrol with them. Snuggles for days...

Rob took down Hadley's crib (insert me crying here) and put Lily's old toddler bed in its place. We figured it was time, but it was a hard "milestone" to hit. Knowing it was our last time to have a child in a crib was hard to swallow. Ugh...
Thankfully, Hadley did well through the night and is still sleeping soundly as I type this. Hopefully it will stay that way! I did snap some pictures of my sweet girls sleeping last night. I check on both of them every night without fail before I go to bed. They are sound sleepers, so I'm lucky I can get away with this. There's nothing like watching your babies sleep.

Hope everyone has a great day and a happy week ahead!