Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Life Lately + Beautycounter Review

We're slowly but surely getting into the swing of school life over here. Life is different Monday through Friday! The girls are up at 6, and we're out the door at 7 if not a little earlier.

Lily is really enjoying school and has adapted pretty well to the new routine. We haven't had any serious homework yet, so we'll see how things go then. She doesn't like how fast the days go, though...and I love that she notices that. She says there's not enough time between the time she's home from school and bedtime. I want to tell her that I understand...there aren't enough hours in the day for any of us!

She brought home the Ladybug Award last week for being a "great student in every way." She was beaming, and we were too. Her teacher incorporates a lot of positive reinforcement into the classroom, and I appreciate that so much. I think it's so important in life to tell people what they are doing RIGHT instead of always focusing on what they're doing wrong. It makes the constructive criticism a little easier, right?

Hadley has had a little bit of a harder time adjusting to school, but that was to be expected. She's in a young 3-year-old class because they didn't have enough children for a 2.5-year-old class. She'll turn 3 in October, but I'm a little concerned that we're in over our heads. Time will tell, and I'm hopeful that this will work out to be the best class for her in the end.

She did great the first two days of school last week and even said, "Bye, Mommy" and waved as she was dropped off in carpool line. And then the past few days have been much harder. She cried a few times, which is always tough...and now she's trying to be brave, which is honestly even worse. She won't cry anymore, and it's obvious that she's trying so hard to not cry...her bottom lip pokes out, and her little eyes tear up. Goodness it breaks my heart.

I'm so jealous of the people I know who are always excited to drop their children off at school. I wish I could be more like that, but I have to admit when I drop them off I feel like I'm leaving behind a little bit of my soul. I know that sounds/is dramatic, but it's hard for me. I know they're having fun and learning, and I know it's for the best...and I'm also aware that they're not going to be my sidekicks forever...but in the right now, this is tough. I'm hoping it gets easier...
Now, totally switching gears...I know a lot of bloggers say this, so it may sound cliché...but a huge part of why I've enjoyed blogging has been the number of women I've gotten to know from all over. It's been so fun to chat with people with whom I probably never would have otherwise connected. It's nice to get feedback and perspective from people who live outside of your own little bubble and who are just trying to figure out life/work/marriage/motherhood too.

Anywho...I met Mandy through blogging and connecting on Instagram. She introduced me to the Beautycounter skin care/make-up line of products, which she tried for herself after a really bad reaction to a popular skin care line that's out there now. Mandy tried Beautycounter after doing a lot of research on the ingredients that go into our skin, hair, and body products. After using Beautycounter for a few months and seeing positive results, she decided to become a consultant. Mandy sent me a few products to try, and I've reviewed them specifically below. I was really, really impressed with each product...like I'm going to be purchasing several of them when my next paycheck rolls around! ;) 

I enjoyed doing a little research and reading up on Beautycounter myself and was so impressed with their mission to provide safe, effective skin care and cosmetics without all the harmful ingredients that many other lines use. What stood out to me the most was finding out that the European Union bans nearly 1,400 ingredients from cosmetics while the United States has only banned 11. That's pretty alarming...and it made me wonder why we're so careful about the things we put into our bodies yet we are not as concerned about the things we put on our bodies.
Charcoal Cleansing Bar

The Charcoal Cleansing Bar clarifies and detoxifies the skin without drying it out. It also absorbs impurities and contains organic coconut oil and essential oils so it nourishes and hydrates.

I really liked this and plan on purchasing it for sure. The bar made a lot of suds, which is a must for me, and it smelled very clean. My skin felt good after using it.


Purifying Charcoal Mask

The Purifying Charcoal Mask is a mix of kaolin clay and charcoal. It exfoliates, draws out impurities, and soothes. It also works to refine pores and increase elasticity.

This was another product I really loved and plan on purchasing. I always enjoy doing a mask and feeling like I'm at the spa! My skin felt so fresh after using this mask, and it even looked brighter!


Rejuvenating Night Cream

The Rejuvenating Night Cream locks in moisture while you sleep and therefore smoothes and firms the skin.

I liked the lightweight feel of this cream. It wasn't heavy, and I felt like a little went a long way.


Rejuvenating Eye Cream

The Rejuvenating Eye Cream has a cooling effect and gives a pick-me-up to tired eyes.

I really enjoyed using this eye cream and truly need it in my life. Puffiness and dark undereye circles are in my genes, and I promise I sometimes wonder if people think I'm on drugs. I used this for a few nights and felt like the puffiness dissipated some. More than anything it felt soothing on the thin skin under my eyes and felt good to apply before bedtime.


Color Pinch Cream Blusher 

The Color Pinch Cream Blusher is smooth and nonsticky. It brightens cheeks with a natural hint of color.

I'm always drawn to a flushed cheek that looks like you've been out running and not like you're applying to be Bozo's back-up assistant clown. This blush gives that natural look, and it felt great on my skin.


Twig Lip Sheer 

Lip Sheer is lightweight and moisturizing but offers more intense color when layered.

I'm one of those people who doesn't feel right wearing a bold lip. I just feel like an imposter! So the Lip Sheer was a great option for me...it felt moisturizing like a Chapstick would, but it offered a hint of color, which I loved.


The Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer offers lightweight hydration and evens skin tone. It also provides SPF 20.

Fun fact about me: I've never worn foundation or base. Not so fun fact: it's probably time. This is another product that I plan on purchasing. I liked the lightweight coverage, and I especially liked that it contained SPF. My skin has a red tint to it, and I felt like it covered some of that up while also protecting me from the sun!


If any of my sweet friends or readers are interested in reading more about Beautycounter or the products I've specifically mentioned, y'all can get more info at the link below (just click, and it will take you to the Beautycounter site)!


And if you're in need of a consultant I'd highly recommend Mandy. She tailored the products she sent me to fit my needs, and I truly enjoyed each one of them. Y'all check out her Instagram here. Mandy and her husband live in Florida with their three cute kiddos.


Hope everyone is having a wonderful day so far!