Thursday, August 11, 2016

Life Lately

I've been a bad blogger lately only because life has been pretty full. Good full and bad full, which is kind of life in a nutshell, huh? Before I get to the good, I'll share the hard...
We traveled to Rob's hometown a few weeks ago for his grandmother's funeral. She lived to be 100-years-old! She was such a gracious, kind lady, and we will miss her.
Shortly after her funeral I got the call that my grandmother, my Granny, had died. She had been in hospice for a few weeks, so we knew the end was near, but it was still very difficult. I am SO thankful that I had a little time with her a few days prior. I sat on the bed with her and held her hand. She looked at me and squeezed my hand. That's something I will forever treasure.
I have so many good memories of my Granny. And she was the neatest lady who lived a really full life! She was a cheerleader and majorette at Mississippi State University (at a time when there weren't many female students there). She was a talented golfer and artist, and she was a house mother for a fraternity at Ole Miss...can you imagine the things she witnessed?!

Granny and I had a special bond and really connected. I felt like she "got" me, and she always made me feel loved and supported. She lived only about 30 minutes from where I went to college, and any time there was an awards show on I'd drive over to her house and spend the night. We'd watch the show together, picking our favorite gowns. It's such a dear memory that I cherish.
With the deaths of Rob's grandmother and my Granny I realized something...even when someone lives a long, full life, it's still really hard when they die. Knowing they lived well doesn't take the pain away, and the loss remains very real. There is so much peace in knowing that we will all be reunited one day. I do take comfort in that, although it doesn't really make the now any easier.
I learned something really special at Granny's funeral...she had a lot of people who loved her! People from all walks of life ranging from young to old. And she had so many people show up for her that day. I think it was the last thing we all felt we could do to honor her and her memory. I miss you, Granny.
And now, switching gears to the good. Lily started Kindergarten! How can that be? We met her teachers last week, and they are both as precious as can be. This is her first full week at school, and it's gone really well so far, minus a few snafus (including a call from the school nurse). She told me her favorite thing about school is the playground, and her least favorite thing is learning. Hmm. Hoping that will change one day! :)
Below are a few pictures from back to school night where we met Lily's teachers for the year. We were also greeted with a  sno-cone truck, which officially made Lily know she was at the right school!

The morning rush is real, though, y'all! Making lunch, eating breakfast, getting myself ready, getting the girls ready...I think all of that will make me cherish next summer a little more!
And now below are some pictures from Lily's first day...

I have enjoyed my one-on-one time with Hadley, but we've missed Lily too. Knowing she's in her element makes it a little easier.
Hadley starts preschool on Monday, and I'm not sure how either of us feel about that. I'd originally signed her up for three days a week, which I thought would be a happy medium for both of us. But after talking to Hadley's pediatrician and her speech pathologist, we opted for five days a week. They both believe that a structured classroom environment will greatly improve her articulation, and if that's the best thing for my girl then that's what we'll do. Hadley is a chatterbox and is so animated when she talks. I've mentioned this before, but while I can understand much of what she says, others cannot. It's gotten to be frustrating for her, especially now that she's nearly 3-years-old. So I'm hopeful that we're moving in the right direction!
One last thing...right before school started Lily lost her first tooth! To say she was excited was an understatement! Her tooth had been wiggling for a few weeks, and it was literally hanging by a thread. I asked her if she wanted me to pull it, and I was surprised when she agreed. So I did, and that was that! We had a generous tooth fairy who brought Lily $5 since it was her first tooth. The following teeth probably won't get quite as much. Hadley is now convinced that her teeth are loose and tries to wiggle them all the time. We've got a few more years, baby girl!

So that's been our life/lives lately. I hope everyone reading is doing well. Now that school is back in full swing my plan is to be much more active on here once again. Anything in particular y'all would like to see more or less of? Let me know! Have a great's almost the weekend!