Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Life Lately

As y'all know, blogging has taken a backseat lately. I've been sharing a good bit of our lives over on Instagram, and I kind of feel like that has been my mini blog of sorts. As much as I love pretty pictures, I have missed the writing aspect of blogging. So I thought I'd catch everyone up on what's been going on in our lives, lately!
The fair was in town, and Rob and I took our energy pills (and lots of hand sanitizer) and took the girls! We had the BEST time...and they did too! I actually rode a ride with Lily (it was more of an adult ride that goes around in circles kind of fast), and I quickly realized that I'm not 20 anymore...holy spinning. But she had fun, so yes, I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Lily was sick last week with a sore throat, fever, and yucky cough so she stayed home from school for a few days. I hated seeing her sick, but I did love the extra one-on-one time I had with her. She's all better now, and so far...we're all still healthy!
Hadley turned 3 (!) and is almost completely potty trained! I say almost because we've had a few accidents...but that's the norm, right?
After Lily turned 2, and after I knocked myself out planning two over-the-top Pinterest perfect birthday parties for her, Rob and I agreed that we wanted to scale it back...for our own sanity and because, really, does a 3-year-old really care if the water bottles have perfectly-placed birthday banners? We replaced those parties with small, family parties, and it's been much more our style. We've decided that when the girls are in big school (kindergarten and up), they can have a party to their liking with their friends...but until then, we're keeping it simple.
With all of that said, Hadley had a great 3rd birthday! She had waffles for breakfast (complete with a candle), and she wore a new Peppa Pig (her favorite) dress to school...I made cookies for her class, and because she doesn't like cookies (or really many sweets) I sent Pringles (probably her favorite food) too. Rob took a half day at work and came home early to make hot dogs and tater tots. She opened presents, and we really just had the best time.
**I hate making the girls wait all day to open their presents, so Hadley got to wake up to a few little treats at her spot at the table. It made it a little easier to wait to open her bigger gifts!**


Now that she's three, we qualify for state-funded speech therapy, which is huge! We've already met with her therapist, and she'll come to Hadley's school twice a week for therapy with her! We're still going to Magnolia Speech School once a week for private lessons, and we'll continue that as we see fit. But we've been so pleased with how far she is coming! I honestly think the biggest difference has just been due to the fact that she's in school five days a week. It's amazing what just being around other children can do for language skills!
I'm so proud of my big girl I could just burst.
I haven't cooked in what seems like forever, so tonight I'm getting back in the kitchen and can't wait. I'm making another recipe from Chrissy Teigen's cookbook, Cravings. I'm trying her Vegetable Tortilla Soup, and if it's a winner I'll share the recipe soon!
So...those are the highlights of life lately. Hope life has been treating all of my friends well! Two final questions...who else is ready for the election to be over? And, is it as hot as it is in Mississippi where y'all are? I'm.so.ready.for.fall. #overit #globalwarming Hope everyone has a happy day!