Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Weekend Update

We had a really fun Halloween weekend. On Friday Lily had her Halloween party and parade at school. There is nothing cuter than seeing a bunch of 2- to 5-year-olds parading down the hall in their costumes! There were quite a few Elsas this year!

We ended up changing our trick or treat plans to Friday night because our area was expecting heavy rainfall on Halloween. I'm so glad we followed the crowd on that one because it monsooned all day Saturday! Our neighborhood didn't change trick or treating days, so we went to one nearby and had a great time there. Everyone loved the Elsa and Anna duo. I was so proud of Hadley...she was such a big girl and went up to each door with Lily and held out her little bucket. True to form, Hadley wanted nothing to do with her candy...oh well, more for me Lily! Picture overload below...

Sweet Hadley was not a fan of the wig at first...but she got used to it and wore it proudly!

An Elsa photobomb...

Hadley was so funny checking herself out in the mirror! I think she secretly loved her wig.

As someone at the parade mentioned, Elsa needs her roots done. I think it's safe to say the McClure girls were meant to be brunettes!


Saturday we did a whole lot of nothing...it was so nice, as I've felt like we've been pretty busy lately. I worked on Sunday and was fortunate to have another great group of patients. They always teach me something. And I always walk away feeling lucky to have cared for them.


I have been living in these leggings when I'm at home. I think they'd make the cutest Christmas present too. They are super cozy and come in several fun prints. I'd say they run true to size or maybe a little on the big side. And I never met a waffle knit I didn't like.

Patterned Waffle-Knit Leggings


My Dad dropped some things off on Monday while the girls were at school. I was wearing my favorite distressed jeans, and he asked me if I needed some money to buy some new jeans. Ha! He's the best.

Hope everyone has a great day!