Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Life Lately

So, yesterday afternoon was about as fun as life gets...both girls were due for flu shots, and we were a little behind on Hadley's two-year-old appointment. Ugh. I knew I'd need extra energy for the afternoon, so after I dropped the girls off at school in the morning, I went to Starbucks for a caffeine fix. The red cups are out, and I'm not sorry about it. They make me happy even though it's early November and in the 80s here. #mississippiprobs ... I sat for an hour and enjoyed my coffee and read a book. It was pure heaven and is something I haven't done honestly in years.

The girls did surprisingly well with their shots...and the Ring Pops I had stashed away for the occasion didn't hurt either! Hadley's speech is a little delayed for her age, so we're going to have to start her in speech therapy. Has anyone else been through this? I had speech therapy in 7th grade for a lisp (junior high + lisp + speech therapy = could it be any more awkward?), but I remember it didn't last too long. I'm hoping for the same quick results for my baby girl.

Like everyone else in America I am obsessed with Adele's new song...I ran across this Ellen skit yesterday and have laughed so hard watching it. Ellen is my absolute favorite. What I would give to be in her audience one day! #goals

Ellen Inspired Adele's New Song

And then there's this...haha!!!
I always get the girls a pair of boots this time of year, and they always wear the heck out of them. I ordered Hadley a pair from the Gap when they were having one of their 40% off basically these were free. I love the leopard.
 Sherpa Boots
I haven't picked up a pair for Lily yet, but I'm thinking these might be the winner. Purple + fringe = yes please!
 Minnetonka Double Fringe Boot
One of my favorite Christmas traditions is getting our girls a pair of matching Christmas pajamas and having them open them on Christmas Eve. I've gotten Hanna Anderson ones the past few years but haven't been too impressed with their selection this year. These are the top two contenders right now.
 Festive Lights Sleep Set

 Fair Isle Sleep Set
I picked up this dress for Lily from Target. She can wear it to church with tights or to school with leggings. I love the color, and the zippers are fun.
 Toddler Girls' Tee Shirt Dress

We have someone coming to look at our house this morning. We've been through a slow spell the past few weeks, so this is good news. I'm about ready to provide a kidney to the purchaser of our home I'm so ready for this to be over.
After shots and my screaming babes + keeping our house spotless so we can show it, this is so me last night...and tonight, let's be honest.
I hope everyone has a great day!