Monday, February 15, 2016

Weekend Update

I hope everyone had a good, restful weekend! Here's a peek into our shenanigans.
First up, Lily had a Valentine's Day party at school on Friday. She got the cutest cards and treats from her classmates, and the party was adorable. I love getting to witness her in her element.
Hadley is really into selfies these days. Whenever she has a chance, she grabs my phone and says, "Cheese." So funny. I mean, smizing for the camera is no easy task.

I worked on Saturday and thankfully had a good day with some sweet patients. On work days I leave the house around 6 in the morning and get back around 8 that night. So I never get to see the girls on those days, and Lily always wants to see what Mommy looks like in her "work clothes." She asked me to snap a picture, so I had to oblige. Ha. A scrub selfie.
 I always stop by a drugstore or gas station on the way to work to pick up a bottled water and some gum for the day. I stopped in Walgreens this time and had already checked out with my few things when I spotted this trio of ginger jar vases. I am obsessed with ginger jars...I like that they're classic and add color, but they're simple enough to really go with any d├ęcor. So, I grabbed two boxes ($9.99...marked down from Christmas!) and went through the checkout line again. You just never know what you'll find at your local drugstore! ;)

I ended up putting my vases on the mantle in our keeping room. Three on one side; three on the other. Makes me happy every time I see them.
 One perk of work days and being up at the crack of dawn (literally) is it never fails that I get to see an incredible sunrise. I'm always the one snapping pictures, I've never seen a sunrise before. But they never cease to amaze me.
  I was leaning over one of my patients, kind of close to her, and she said, "You have some pretty eye BALLS." I thanked her and told her I'd never heard that before. She acted very surprised that this wasn't a compliment I got frequently. Haha...then she said, "They're just the right size." Made me laugh...what a sweetheart. And I am so glad to know that my eyeballs are pretty!
Sunday we had a low-key Valentine's Day celebration. The girls woke up and had a few treats waiting for them on the kitchen table. They are both newly obsessed with Peppa Pig, so they both got a Peppa Pig stuffed animal.

Rob and the girls surprised me with a beautiful orchid, and I found just the right spot for it by the window in our keeping room.
 We went to church later in the morning, and I took the girls to my parents' house that afternoon for a sleepover. Rob and I really didn't want to do a fancy Valentine's dinner, so we went to a local sushi restaurant and had some fabulous rolls. And then we were both in bed by 9 because that's what you do when you're kid-free. You catch up on your sleep!
The girls are off for Presidents Day, and I have a lot to work on around here...including...I got a freelance opportunity to write some buying guides for eBay! I applied through a Web site that looks for freelance writers, and I used this little blog here as a source of my writing samples. And lo and behold I received an e-mail a few days later with an offer. Needless to say, I'm excited for the chance and hope they're pleased with what I submit...and I'm excited for where this opportunity might take me. With that said, my deadline is tonight, and I've got to finish up my articles! I hope everyone has a happy day...