Friday, April 29, 2016

Etsy Love

I've been an Etsy fan for years now...not only can you find unique items, but it's also a way to simultaneously support independent artists. With that said, I thought I'd start featuring some of my favorite Etsy shops...I'll let you know if I have personal experience with them, and I'll let you know if they're just ones I hope to buy from in the future!
I love textiles and am addicted to throw pillows. I always get asked about mine, and most I've ordered are from this Etsy shop! The quality is incredible; the communication is great, and you don't have to leave your home to order! Here are a few of my favorites in their shop right now:

Peter Dunham Textiles Taj Pillow Cover -- Onyx/Ash
GP&J Baker Nympheus Pillow Cover in Biscuit
Peter Dunham Textiles Fig Leaf Pillow Cover
My girls wore these little barrettes in their hair all the time when they were little. I'm not a big bow person (and I'm from the South!?!?), but I love little clips. These are ideal for babies and toddlers with not much hair...mainly to keep the hair out of their eyes. Santa brought Lily a stocking full of these one Christmas. A few of my favorites currently in their shop:

Unicorn Felt Hair Clip

Flower Petal Felt Hair Clip

Floating Heart Felt Hair Clip
Buying from Sugar Fresh was one of my first Etsy experiences. Her art is simple, clean, and modern. The following print is one of my absolute favorites! I have it hanging in Lily's and Hadley's room. An important reminder that we all need. I also think this makes the perfect gift for a newborn. You can choose among tons of background colors.
The creators in this shop make simple, handcrafted jewelry. I own the following necklace (in gold, with my girls' names) and wear it all the time. You can choose different fonts, type of metal, length of necklace, etc.
I also really like the following. How fun it'd be to have a stack of them with special names, dates, or sayings.
I've ordered tissue paper poms, garland, and confetti from Kristen's shop and have always been so pleased! The colors and quality are just stunning, and they really add such a fun pop of color to any backdrop. I used the poms for Lily's first and second birthdays, and what I love about them is that once they're assembled, they look really cute as d├ęcor in a bedroom or playroom. I think the garland is adorable in a bedroom as well, especially over a bed or crib. And the confetti looks so pretty on a white tablecloth!
Any other Etsy shops I need to check out? It's one of my favorite sites to browse! I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. We don't have much planned, and I'm excited about a low-key few days with my family. See y'all here on Monday.