Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Hadley Jane

Our Hadley turned 2 on Sunday...I know all parents say this, but I can't believe she's already 2-years-old. Time goes so fast. I thought I'd share some fun things about her and about my pregnancy with her.

To Hadley:
You were a scheduled C-section, and you knew that October 4 was meant to be your birthday. I woke up early that morning before we had to be at the hospital with major contractions. I wanted your Daddy to sleep, so I hung out on the couch and watched TV until it was time to go.

The night before you were born, your Dad and I heard John Rosemond speak. I've always liked his parenting columns, and I'll always remember that we did that the night before your birth!
I first heard your name when I studied Ernest Hemingway in college. His first wife was named Hadley, and I have loved it ever since. It fits you to a "t."

 We had a hard time deciding on your middle name. We couldn't decide between Rose and Jane. When I looked up the meaning of Jane, it was quickly settled that it would be your middle name. Jane means "gift from God."
I call you Hadley, Hadley Jane, and Haddie. I love them all equally!
You were born with jet black hair.

You gave me a time during pregnancy...you found your perfect spot, nestled in a place that pressed on my sciatic nerve...I had the worst leg pain, but you were most certainly worth it.

A week after you were born, we found out your Pop had relapsed. You were the bright spot for all of us during that hard time.

You are really good at making serious faces.

 You have given us a few scares...from a high fever at only a few weeks old (due to a UTI) and vertigo, which made your mom think you were having seizures. You've already had an MRI and several catheters, but I like to think that you've gotten it all out of the way for later in life.
Your first word was "Mama." Thank you for that! :)

Before your hair turned curly, you had a permanent Mohawk. No matter how I brushed your hair after your bath, it always sprouted back up!


You loved baby food. With each bite, you would mutter, "Mmm."
You will only drink milk out of a bottle that has been warmed and is given to you by myself or your Dad. We have got to work on this, sweet girl.
You are so affectionate. You are our lap baby. You love to be held. You love hugs. You love to sit in a lap.

 You gravitate towards men over women, which always makes us laugh! When we pick you up in the nursery after church, there is usually another Dad whom you've taken to, and he's holding you over his own child!
You are the quirkiest eater. Give you a cupcake or something any 2-year-old would love, and you have want no part of it. Give you something spicy, and you can't get enough.
You like to eat salsa with your hands.
You love meat. Especially tandoori chicken...ha!
Your skin is so fair. We are going to have to be so careful in the sun!

You were a chunky monkey!

You are obsessed with your Lovey/Love Love, and I don't know what we're going to do if we ever lose her. You can't sleep without her, as we've tried. When you threw her over the balcony in Orange Beach, we thought she was gone forever, and I wasn't sure how we were going to move forward. Thankfully, someone (probably another parent) recognized her importance and turned her in to the Lost and Found. Lucky day!

 You think your big sister hung the moon. You want to be with her at all times, and you want to do everything she's doing.
You are feisty. You're not afraid to go for what you want, and I love that about you.
Your favorite word is "no." We're working on that.

You are not a fan of Santa.

 You have had the hardest time with teething. Your big sister had no trouble, but your teeth have given you fits.
Your laugh is infectious.

 You love to run, just like your big sister.
You are happiest when you're outside.
You have always loved bath time, but you don't like to swim...unless it's a baby pool, and then you're happy.

You started sleeping through the night at 7 weeks. And you're still a good sleeper. Not sure how we got so lucky!

You love TV...if you're upset a TV show can calm you down. You especially love Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and Team Umizoomi.

You love it when we read to you, but if we don't read fast enough you get impatient and turn the pages for us.

Your hair is so curly! Everyone asks where you got your curls, and I just love them.

 You are very tall for your age (not that anyone is surprised). I put you in a pair of 3T pants recently, and they looked like carpi pants on you!

You are a joy in every way, and I thank God for the gift that is you. We love you, Hadley.