Thursday, October 8, 2015

Things I've Learned Lately

1) I probably won't have much in common with someone who supports Mike Huckabee.
2) Give up control and let your children march to the beat of their own drum. Yesterday was "Dress Like a Farmer" Day at school, and Lily flat-out refused. I can't say I blame her, and I thought she looked precious in her jeggings instead. I love that she knows what she wants. So this is what she wore to milk a cow and shuck some corn!

 3) The words tuna and casserole don't belong together. My husband will eat anything, and even he wasn't a fan of this. #recipefail
4) Getting so excited about a cool snap that you rush out to buy fall plants is only going to end badly. A few days later, and we're back with temps in the upper 80s.
5) Getting so excited about a cool snap that you put away all your summer clothes and pull out all your fall/winter clothes is only going to end badly in Mississippi. Temps in the upper 80s, and I only have long sleeves and wool sweaters to wear.
6) Notice the small things that people in your life do for you. A few days into October, and I realized that I'd been driving around with an expired car tag sticker. I searched the whole house for it, couldn't find it, and decided to look at my license plate, hoping it had somehow magically appeared there. It had, courtesy of my husband. He is always doing small things like that for me and our family (and big things too, of course), and I need to thank him more often.
7) Never put a skillet that has been on an outdoor grill in the dishwasher. Unless that is you want soot to cover all your dishes. And if you are a glutton for punishment you should try this. Soot isn't easy to get out.
8) White vinegar and citric acid crystals will get soot out. Thanks, Google.
9) As soon as you think your youngest child has gotten over her separation anxiety issues, she'll surprise you with an epic meltdown just to keep you on your toes.
10) Unless you are a millionaire, you should never browse Chloe purses online. Unless I win the lottery, it will never happen...and even then I don't think I could pull the trigger...the purse I will never have is pictured below...insert sad face...
 11) Lily has just recently grown out of the toddler section of stores, and I am not a fan of the girls' section. She is 4...not 14...we are not going to wear a pleather skirt and a capelet to the playground, thank you very much.
12) Fall is a gift to Southerners who have endured the summer heat and humidity.
13) Give people the benefit of the doubt. People are struggling a lot more than they ever let us know.
14) Leftover birthday cupcakes for breakfast are always a good idea.
15) I will never regret starting my day off with prayer, a devotional, and scripture readings. It always puts me on the right path for the day ahead.
16) You have to throw away some of your children's artwork unless you want to qualify for the show Hoarders. This is so hard for me.
17) Something has GOT to give, always. You can't do it all. Choose what is most important to you and focus on that. Get help with the rest or let it go.
18) Three cups of coffee is one cup too many (for me). Hello, tachycardia.
19) Real, genuine friendships that stand the test of time are a gift. Treasure them. Nurture them. Put effort into them.
20) As soon as you say the phrase, "Because I said so" to one of your children, you will feel really old.
21) Don't let the laundry pile up. Unless you want to spend an entire day doing laundry.
On the above note, I've got to get busy...six loads of laundry waiting on me. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!